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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 4
Birdy here.
I can't say enough about the fantastic team working on this record with us.
 Vanderslice or "JV" as we've come to know him, has a contagious energy and excited to offer any assistance he can think of. While listening to playback on a particularly fun track where Brian and I sing tandem, "Tear Down Your Idols," JV swings his chair around to ask Leslie and I if we have chosen somewhere for mastering.. and immediately started typing an email to a contact of his he says is the best in the business... cc'ing us asks his contact if he can slip our band in or get their first availability (despite that he is usually booked out 9 weeks in advance at any given time).
 Jay Pellicci is friendly and totally approachable...yet more resembles a demon cobra when he's at the controls he's so fast. Even Allan the intern from Athens GA is an indispensable part of this well polished gem of a recording facility.
 I'm particularly excited at how amazingly some of the new tunes such as "Plagues,""PopLife,"and "Reverie" have developed in the studio and we haven't even heard properly mixed tracks yet.  :)

The TNK cheerleading squad!
Go team, go!

Marvin sandwich.

New room today, A room console is humongous.

 JV, evaluating.  It needs more guitar!

Late night after hot tubbing...!

The calm before the storm... You don't wanna know.

On to mixing, party time!

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