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Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 2

What a day.  Yesterday we tracked all ten songs, which is amazing progress.  JV and our engineer Jay have both told us that bands typically track three songs per day, which is why we had three days booked for just that! It feels great to be so far ahead of schedule.

"Nice drumming, Marvin"

Says Jon.

Today was "Guitar Wonderland", which meant that Brian had all day to work on guitar overdubs, and a huge selection of amps and guitars to choose from.  As a band, we brought everything we could carry, and Tiny Telephone is equipped with a ton of old tube amps and guitars.  A 71' Gibson ES-335 and a 51' Kay hollow body were among the favorites.  It only took four or five hours to finish... B. Reilly is a maniac.

Since Brian finished so quickly we started Birdy on vocals.  We heard her voice through more types of microphones than I knew existed, and we were all amazed by the difference in each one. She also finally had the chance to check out the echo chamber.  It sounded like mermaids on acid.  Definitely going back to that tomorrow.

This record has something for everyone and I can't wait for you 

to hear it.

Marvin thinks it sucks, so he's leaving.  What does he know?  Everything, really.

Love, Leslie (TNK)

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