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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 3

Hey everyone!
             Brian here. So we are done with day three and man I gotta tell you, wooooooohooooo!   Sorry. I have had a bit of coffee. Today we wrapped up a few of the songs structurally and started doing vocal harmonies. We have started the piano parts as well and have had the opportunity to use a Story and Clark upright grand piano from 1904 as well as a Moog from 1981. 
          The sounds that we have been getting with the production and direction of the saints at Tiny Telephone has started to sound less like song ideas and more like a progressively more intense rumbling beneath our feet. 
     While Contact may have been our voice, this is us shouting. Tomorrow we move into the big studio at Tiny Telephone. I have been told that it is massive compared to the studio we are in right now. I find that to be an incredible statement as the room we are in now looks bigger than anything that EMI had in 1965. Birdy ripped a hole in the sky today with her vocals in "Crows Landing". Jon played a tremendous drum that looks as though it should be toted about at the head of a civil war battle on "Poplife" and I got to squeak weird noises all over "Evacuation soul". That song is all about my love of modern pop and how the radio plays swell music all the time. . . .   Nah, not really. 
    Also, today Leslie basked in the glory of proving our pronunciation of Moog was incorrect! More to come!
 The worlds most expensive cat tree.

 Moog on a trashcan.

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